Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

September 28, 1989

On September 28, 1989, the Los Angeles Sentinel featured a sports column by Rhonda V. Smith titled “The Lady Knows the Game.” Smith started writing for the Sentinel the prior year after publishing a book to help women enjoy football, The Lady Knows the Game: A Woman’s Guide to Watching, Understanding, and Talking Football. “Hot on the heels of [her book] Smith embarks on a highly unique venture as a nationally syndicated sports columnist, thus becoming the newest member of the old-boy club of sports journalism,” the Sentinel noted. Smith described her goals for the column, saying “What I’m doing with this column is making football interesting to a broader cross section of people. Women should have the chance to enjoy the thrill of the game, too. I mean, we’re talking about a sport that is very aggressive, very exciting and very tension-relieving. A sensation second only to sex.”

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