Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

July 3, 1976

On July 3, 1976, the Pittsburgh Courier included an article titled, “Women Fight Sex Bias.” The Courier noted that the "Pennsylvania Commission for Women recently called for an end to sex discrimination and stereotyping in vocational education and apprenticeship programs, and announced formation of a special Task Force on Vocational Education and Apprenticeship Training to increase the numbers of women in the skilled crafts and trades.” Commission Director Marie R. Keeney said, “Women have for too long been excluded from employment in the higher paying crafts and trades, and from the educational pipelines that feed into those professions...Half of the women enrolled in vocational programs are in home economics courses which teach no saleable skills. The remaining female enrollments are almost exclusively in stereotyped female fields which are overcrowded, low-paying and lead to dead-end jobs.”

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