Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

September 4, 1975

On September 4, 1975, the Los Angeles Sentinel reported that the First National Conference on the Concerns of Black Women had recently been held in Los Angeles. Women from seven states attended the conference and “program participants included judges, attorneys, doctors, welfare recipients, nurses, housewives and women of many professions. Therefore, the titles were omitted, and the delegates and participants attended the conference simply as black women.” The conference was led by Caffie Greene, a longtime community activist who was part of a group of black mothers who fought for the construction of Martin Luther King Jr. hospital and Charles Drew Medical school after the 1965 Watts rebellion. Regarding the 1975 black women’s conference Greene said, “Our goal is to develop a network communication system among black women working in the public and private health and social planning agencies nationally.”  

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