Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers


Black History 365

Black Quotidian is my small act of rebellion against the pressure to fit African-American history into a single month or a fifteen-week semester. Implicit in the project’s daily post structure is the belief that African-American history should not be confined to February, but rather, that it is a subject that deserves and rewards daily research, reflection, and reexamination. In this sense, Black Quotidian uses digital tools and methods to advance a vision of everyday history that African-American scholars and newspaper editors have articulated for nearly a century: “The aim of the Negro History Week is to bring about the Negro History Year,” Carter G. Woodson suggested in 1935.54  

The media gallery below, of thumbnail images from the daily Black Quotidian posts, illustrates this year-round approach to African-American history. Click on the month to view the details of the daily posts.

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