Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

September 19, 1942

On September 19, 1942, the Philadelphia Tribune reported on the first game of the Negro World Series between the Kansas City Monarchs and the Washington Homestead Grays. Monarchs star pitcher Satchel Paige threw a two-hit shutout to defeat a Grays team that featured slugger Josh Gibson (click to view article PDF).  

The Monarchs went on to sweep the best of seven series. The second game of the series produced a legendary story in which Paige came on in relief in the late innings and and deliberately walked the bases loaded in order to face Gibson, whom he taunted and struck out (newspaper accounts suggest that although Paige struck out Gibson, he did not intentionally walk any batters). This duel between Paige and Gibson was dramatized in a 1996 TV movie called Soul of the Game.

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