Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

November 30, 1946

On November 30, 1946, the Cleveland Call and Post ran an advertisement for Johnson Bicycle Shop (at 10305 Cedar Ave.) which featured a promotion for colored dolls. “Give your child a colored doll this Xmas,” the ad encouraged. This ad led me to search for other references to “colored dolls” in the Call and Post. Here are a few additional examples:

“High Brown Colored Dolls...Ideal Xmas Gifts” at Boyd’s Music Store, November 11, 1937

“A Boyd Colored Doll for your little darling is the XMAS Gift she wants most!” November 8, 1952

“Little Bobbie Lee Dukes, 18-month all smiles because she has found the great big colored doll that Santa Claus was supposed to bring,” December 26, 1942

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