Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

October 17, 1953

Guest post by Madeleine Berry, undergraduate student at Manhattan College.

On October 17, 1953, the New York Amsterdam News included a brief item regarding Jackie Robinson and an integrated barnstorming club.  This article talks about how Jackie Robinson played incredibly well in his baseball league but that racism was still alive and well especially in the town of Birmingham. This article also highlights how even though an African American broke baseball records and was famous at the time,  people still felt that blacks should be segregated. It mentions how the team was going to be playing a Negro League team. I thought only schools and buses had been segregated, but this article opened my eyes to the past I had completely forgotten or I did not know existed. I am from Oklahoma, which is almost a part of the South, and a lot of my history classes would not teach about this because they were ashamed of the past.

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