Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

June 8, 2002

On June 8, 2002, the Pittsburgh Courier ran an article by National Newspaper Publishers Association correspondent Hazel Trice Edney regarding racism on college campuses. “If racism on college campuses is ever to be curtailed, actions must be taken long before white students enroll in their first freshman classes,” Edney wrote. The article quoted U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Chairwoman Mary Frances Berry: “It’s not as if [white students] come to the university with a clean slate and then the university can print anything it wants on them. Students come to the university well acculturated by their families and by the schools they’ve gone to and by the contacts that they’ve made before they ever arrive on campus. By that time, it’s too late.”

This article was one in a multi-part series, “Blacks on white campuses,” that Hazel Trice Edney wrote in the summer of 2002:

“Blacks on white campuses: Racist attacks increase,” May 11, 2002

“Blacks on white campuses: Racist attacks increase,” May 18, 2002​

“Blacks on white campuses: Racist attacks increase,” May 25, 2002​

“Blacks on white campuses: Racial education,” June 15, 2002​

“Blacks on white campuses: Penn State,” June 22, 2002


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