Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

July 23, 1927

On July 23, 1927, the Baltimore Afro-American's banner headline captured readers’ attention with news that the ship Majestic sank in the Chesapeake Bay. “The steamer with 970 passengers and 30 members of the crew, was a scene of terror as women screamed and fainted following the first report that the boat had sprung a leak a short distance this side of Fort Carroll,” the paper reported. Panic-stricken cries rent the air and a mad rush for life boats and life preservers turned the upper decks into a scene of bedlam. Members of the crew were forced to use drastic means in order that women and girls might first be provided with safety devices.” The paper reported that 970 passengers and 30 crew were saved, so it appears that there were no casualties when the boat sank. 

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