Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

July 20, 1929

On July 20, 1929, the Pittsburgh Courier ran an advertisement for the Auburn Cabriolet and Phantom Sedan. The ad emphasized that the Auburn’s Straight Eight engine (with all eight cylinders mounted in a straight line) increased the car’s performance and resale value: “The owner of a Straight Eight...not only enjoys the highest degree of motoring efficiency, but he has made the very best investment. His Straight Eight will stand up immune under driving conditions that would wreck the average car. It will maintain its peak of efficiency longer. And it will bring a higher resale value later. After all, a motor car is a business transaction. We invite you to inspect the Auburn Straight Eights and compare them with any and all other cars regardless of price, and if the Auburn does not sell itself, you will not be asked to buy.” 

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