Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

August 7, 1909

On August 7, 1909, the Baltimore Afro-American reported on the return of the 10th Cavalry from the Philippine Islands. “Not since the outbreak of the Spanish-American war, May 1898, has the patriotism of the Afro-American population of New York been stirred to such tension,” the paper argued. The 10th Cavalry was one of the segregated “Buffalo Solider” regiments that was formed after the Civil War. “Thousands visited the transport from the time it landed until just before the time set for the parade Monday morning,” the Afro-American reported. “All along the line of march could be heard such expressions as: ‘Here they come!’ ‘The fighting Tenth!’ ‘They saved Roosevelt’s life at San Juan Hill!’”  

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