Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

October 6, 1979

Guest post by undergraduate student at Manhattan College.

On October 6, 1979, the New York Amsterdam News front page covered the Pope’s visit to Harlem. Harlem is a part of New York City that the Pope wouldn’t generally think to go to first. I found it surprising that some of the neighbors on the block were upset that they made the area look especially nice for that day and how they should have kept it the way it was so he could see “how they were actually treated over here.” I would imagine that everyone would be so excited. From what the article said, 25,000 gathered, and they hadn’t seen that large of a crowd since General MacArthur arrived back in 1951. People were hanging out of fire escapes and windows trying to just get one tiny glimpse of the Pope. 

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