Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

March 24, 1906

On March 24, 1906, the Baltimore Afro-American's classified page included several ads touting the services of clairvoyants, astrologists, and readers. Dr. F. Perry, a clairvoyant and astrologist whose office was in Philadelphia, promised to reveal “life from cradle to grave...If you are in doubt as to the outcome of any undertaking in business, social or domestic life; sickness, divorces, separations, lawsuits...if you desire to have your domestic troubles removed, your lost love returned, consult or write me.” Madam Winder, who billed herself as “The Greatest Life Reader in the World,” told readers she “positively tells your past, present, and future life. Heals the sick and causes your life to be one of perfect happiness.” Dr. White’s College of Science encouraged readers to request a free book that tells how to develop the power of Clairvoyant, Hypnotism, Willism, Personal Magnetism, Selfism, Mental and Magnetic healing; how to read the life and character of persons; [and] how to locate buried treasures.”  

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