Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers

March 16, 1991

On March 16, 1991, the New York Amsterdam News reported that hundreds of women marched in New York City in honor of International Women’s Day. “Chanting ‘turn rage and tears into action,’” the Amsterdam News wrote, “the 500-odd demonstrators stressed that the U.S. should wage war against budget cuts, which are primarily affecting women and children, instead of war against the people of the Third World.” Guest speakers included Olga Mejia of the Human Rights Commission of Panama, Nsia Akuffa Bea of the Union of Palestinian Women, Esmeralda Brown of the Women’s Workshop in the Americas, Chrissy McAuley of the Irish Republic Army, Ute Scheub of West Germany, and high school student Laelia Samad-Matias (click to view PDF).


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